Robert George

Over all of the 35 years of my jewelry career, I can honestly say that owning my own jewelry store has been my favorite part.  It has been exciting, challenging and rewarding wrapped up all together.  The wonderful relationships I have been able to make throughout the years with our customers is truly a blessing.  Watching their families grow and being able to share many of their special life moments because of our business is amazing. 

 Enchanted Jewelers has been so fulfilling and I am very thankful for that!!!

Robert George, Owner



Louis J. Luzietti

I have over thirty-five years of experience as a jeweler and now as a co-owner of Enchanted Jewelers.  I have added new skills such as Jewelry CAD, and now I have added laser engraving to my list.  We are always learning new technical skills to serve our customers better. 

We strive to always make our customers have the best experience ever!!

Louis Luzietti, Owner

Julia A. George

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I left my 21-year banking career to work for my own company.  Working for my own business has been a dream come true.   Since working for Enchanted Jewelers, I have learned so much on what it takes to run a business.  The technology that our store has is beyond amazing and has exceeded our expectations.  I have also met the most incredible people that have left an impression on my heart.  Our customers are our life line, and are the most amazing and loyal individuals to us. We are truly blessed.  

Our employee’s as well as our equipment are the reason we can keep up with the competition out there.  We will be celebrating 20 year in business and I couldn’t be more proud of our success!!

Julia George, Owner



Brennan CLAUS

Brennan has been with Enchanted Jewelers for a couple of years now. He originally went to school to be an EMT. After only a short time doing that, he knew it wasn’t for him. After struggling with that information for a while; and roaming a little bit, he started working around gemstones; and learned a little bit about them as well. Soon after that, he met everyone at Enchanted Jewelers, and asked for an opportunity to become part of the team. Now he has found a fun place to work, learn, and last but not least, meet exciting people.

Aaron North

I took a CNM’s jeweler’s course in 2015 and after that I worked in a jewelry manufacturing factory for about a year and a half until I finally built my skills and ability to work in actual jewelry stores. I worked at a jewelry store in Rio Rancho until January of 2020 when I found my home here at Enchanted Jewelers. Here, I’ll be expanding my skills in making custom jewelry as well as learning how to operate all of our cutting-edge technology. From laser engraving to CAD-CAM design and 3D printing.

I’m very excited for what the future holds!

Aaron N.